Valga Valamudan

I attend valga valamudan class daily.
Let me explain what it is all about?
It is a mandram(centre) developed by a mahan called Yogiraj Vethathiri.
There are three things associated with for any human being.
1) Health
3)Living Force
His philosophy is to achieve world peace through individual mans peace.The goal of his organisation is to make people understand there should be a goal for everyone to reach or understand God.

For understanding God he says the above mentioed three things need to function efficiently.
After years of research he has given exercise to maintain good health,yoga for a healthy mind and kayakalpa for the soul or living force.It works for all people irrespective of caste, colour,tradtions or society.Centres are available world wide.
At Mettupalayam those interested can can contact
Mettupalayam Manavallakkalai Mandram Trust,
5/448 K, Ethiraaj nagar,
Near BG Gas office,
Near RTO Office.

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